Donald Trump is fan of G-Unit music! Donald supported Lloyd Banks, when Banks was making album “Rotten Apple”!

trumpg-unitDonald Trump(Presidental Candidate/Businessman/Author) Appeared on G-Unit Radio With Tony Yayo, 50 Cent and DJ Whoo Kid:

DJ Whoo Kid: 'G-Unit Radio! Whoo Kid!Yo Yayo You get money!'
Tony Yayo: 'I get lot of money with Donald Trump. Donald Trump said something!'
Donald Trump: 'I am here folks, I'm here, this is great group of people.'
Tony Yayo: 'Mr. Trump do you buy my album 'Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon?'
Donald Trump: 'I was first who buy your album!'
Tony Yayo: 'Thank You!I am your friend! Could I ask you question?'
Donald Trump: 'Yeah, ofcourse!'

trumpg-unit2 Donald Trump: 'You Know I always liked real estate ok, real estate always been good for me You guys like the recording things, but I like real estate. I've always done the best in there, in the better location, the more money'
Tony Yayo: '50 is calling!' 
Donald Trump: '50 how are you doing?'
50 Cent: 'I am fine!'
Donald Trump: 'I think and My Kids think you are best, the absolute best! My little daughter Ivanka, my son Eric just love your music!'
50: 'I am going to keep maiking!'
Donald Trump: 'It's better to keep maiking, because my children will get angry if you don't keep making good music! Congratulations the great success, that's amazing.'
50 Cent: 'Thank You!'
trumpg-unit3Tony yayo: '50 shoot movie, called 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'! based on his life.'
Donald Trump: '50 so you are doing a movies?'
50 Cent: 'Yeah!'
Tony Yayo: '50! I am taking picture with Donald Trump! 50 Cent and Donald Trump are my idols!'
DJ Whoo Kid: '50 Cent and Donald Trump are good combination! I hope we will hear anything in the future with 50 Cent and Donald Trump!'
Donald Trump: We Will do something together! Let's do it right up some good lyrics
Tony Yayo: '50! called it "you are fired"!'
Donald Trump: 'It would be interesting, you write up some lyrics My name is in many rap songs, My Daughter calls me up! she said:"Dad you are in another one." you know The Apprentice crazy hot show! If you do music for The Apprentice, We'll put it on as soon as you do!'
trumpg-unit4Tony Yayo: 50 only thing I want to hear is "You are Fired"!

Mr. Donald Trump also joined DJ Whoo Kid's and Lloyd Banks hard work, for promote Lloyd Banks' album "Rotten Apple". Donald featured prequel mixtape of "Rotter Apple" called "Mo Mooney In The Bank Pt. 4" by DJ Whoo Kid and Lloyd Banks!




trumpg-unit51    Dolby Nigga    
2    Pay Jimmy Iovine The Money Skit    
3    Gang Green Season    
4    New York City (Snippet)    
5    The Shitty City
Featuring – 50 Cent
6    The Work Out Part 4
Featuring – 50 Cent

7    Money Is Power Skit    
8    The Cake
Featuring – 50 Cent

9    My House
Producer – Timbaland

10    Take A Picture    
11    Dead Nigga Storage Skit    
12    Killas Theme
Featuring – Tony Yayo

13    Lamborghini Lloyd    
14    Special    
15    I'm Back    
16    Donald Trump – Banks Taking My Pop Off Skit
Speech – Donald Trump
17    The Rush    
18    Jamie Foxx
Speech – Jamie Foxx
19    1970 Something    
20    1 Shot Deal    
21    70 Bars    
22    Been Around The World    

Bonus Tracks
23    Hands Up
Featuring – 50 Cent

24    Salute U
Performer – G-Unit

25    We All Die One Day
Featuring – 50 Cent, Eminem, Lloyd Banks
Performer – Obie Trice

26    SouthSide    
27    Motherfuckin' Star    
28    Porno Star
Featuring – 50 Cent

29    Baby Get On Your Knees
Performer – G-Unit

30    Lean Back (Freestyle)
Featuring – Young Buck

31    Get That Money    
32    Ambitionz Az A Ridah (Freestyle)
Featuring – 50 Cent

33    Til The End
Featuring – 50 Cent

34    You Trying To Be A Gangsta




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