The Massacre vs. The Doctor’s Advocate


Release Date: “The Massacre” – March 3, 2005 | “The Doctor’s Advocate” – November 14, 2006

Metacritic Scores: “The Massacre” – 66% | “The Doctor’s Advocate” – 73%

DX Scores: “The Massacre” – 3.5 | “The Doctor’s Advocate” – 3.5

creation of The Doctor’s Advocate. Regardless of how much of a classic The Documentary is, he sounded comfortable and confident considering the company he kept. The Doctor’s Advocate couldn’t have been more defiant and a whole lot more personal. Meanwhile, The Massacre was 50 Cent furthering his dominant run that outsold first sales of his wrecking ball debut Get Rich Or Die Trying. Though never reaching the critical love his first outing received, the passage of time has made The Massacre an adequate follow-up. With the controversy revolving The Game, The Doctor’s Advocate should have been a catastrophe. However, “One Blood” and “Couldn’t Get Far” featuring Kanye West represented a stronger package than “Candy Shop” and “Disco Inferno.”

Winner: The Doctor’s Advocate


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