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Managerial crisis: Comany needs good executives

CrisisManagement_Umbrella'Talant is not important in music business, all you need is good manager' said one of the most sucessful manager from entertainment business. Jimmy Iovin(head of Interscope) halped 50 Cent to built good business system. Jimmy add Derick Prosper to G-Unit managment. In 2004-2007 Derick Prosper run G-Unit. He oversaw all elements of album production of 50 Cent and entire G-Unit artist roster, helping the company to sell over 20 million copies worldwide in three years. Responsibilities included song concept development, hiring of mix engineers and studio musicians, album mastering sequencing and delivery of master copies. Managing relationships with key music producers and music composers, background vocalists and studio musicians for all G-Unit projects. He liaised with label and music publishers to approve sample usage and sync licensing. Composed opening scene logo for MTV Films/Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Served as Music supervisor for Vivendi Universal computer game 50 Cent Bulletproof.