Spider Loc(G-Unit West Kept Secret): ‘Why G-Unit Deal did not work?!'[Upadate]

Spider Loc: ’50 let me out to dry!’

Spider Loc-Gangbangin’ 101

Spider Loc’s reputation precedes him. The Cali native’s gang affiliation, intimidating persona and penchant for beef make him one of G-Unit’s most intriguing figures. The 28-year-old MC was discovered in 2001 after he freestyled for Suge Knight at a local restaurant. Although he never officially signed with Tha Row, Loc worked exclusively with the label and appeared on their 2002 motion picture soundtrack, Dysfunktional Family. The following year,

Two weeks ago, a shooting took place on the set of your video for “Blutiful (Remix).” What happened?
We were shooting in the middle of Compton in a place that I frequently [visit]. There’s a lot of people in Compton that don’t get along with one another. I’m associated or at least familiar with a portion or a lot of those people who are rivals. So [if] I’m doing something publicly, it’s going to draw a crowd and it just so happened that some of those rivals showed up. They got into altercations that was totally unrelated to what we had going on and it just so happened that gunfire was caught on tape. That’s the life we live. Every time we have a function, the party ain’t over ’til you hear some gunshots. That’s reality.
Where do you stand in G-Unit’s beef with Dipset?
First of all, we don’t understand no grown ass man that drapes himself in pink. Perception is everything, so when I’m introduced, via [the] media, and this is what I learn about you, that you’re extra comfortable being adorned in pink, you confuse me with your whole character and maybe your gender. My first name is Curtis. The only time I’ve heard someone whine and repeat “Curtis” so many times back to back was a bitch finna bust a nut. So that’s the type of perception I get. Where else would you hear another grown ass man say another grown ass man’s first name that many times in succession?
Does that animosity extend towards Jim Jones?
I saw a DVD the other day interviewing this nigga Jim Jones. [The interviewer] says, “Since you’re an official Blood…,” and he’s talking about, “I used to be.” How’d you used to be a Blood? We watched your career, dude. When did it start? You never made the announcement that it started. Used to be? That’s a short gangbangin’ career for a nigga. We ain’t givin’ this shit away like that. You just can’t throw up a “B” and have no real ones accept you.
Have you ever tried to patch things up with Game?
In the film Paroled, one of the locations was on the West Side of Compton in a Piru neighborhood on 135th and McKinely at the Littleton. Littleton is a house that has a history out here in Los Angeles [and is] real famous for wedding receptions, proms, after parties, all types of shit like that. So we shot a scene and word got out that I was there. Game actually came to the movie set and attempted to talk to me on some peace shit and I refused to entertain a conversation. A couple of older, Westside Piru dudes who got a couple grey hairs on their beard was trying to say, “Man, you a Black dude, you got something positive going on. I’m proud of you. This guy got something positive going on, I’m proud of him.” So they were trying to get me to squash it. I told him, “I don’t got the authority to talk to this nigga about nothing. First off, if he was a real Piru, I would’ve been spoken to him and we would’ve had an understanding. He had a butterfly on his face last month.” But they were adamant to let me know, “We’re not here supporting him, we’re supporting Black young brothers. I met you the day I met him. I don’t know that nigga. This is my ’hood. He ain’t got no say over here. I just see the opportunity.” They begged me over and over just to talk the nigga on their behalf. But I refuse to indulge in that.
Did you have some sort of involvement in Game’s brother, Big Fase, getting punched in the face a few weeks ago?
I shot a video for the original “Blutiful” with Snoopy Blue and I was scheduled to shoot some pick up shots [that day]. So I was driving down Wilmington Ave. and I saw a crowd on Brazil Street. So I bust a U-turn and I pulled up and they were shooting a Guerilla Black video. They asked me to stay so I could get a cameo. We were over there in excess of three hours with no incident, everything was just “blutiful.” As I left, somebody chirped me and told me that Big Fase was on his back. And as we get to our next location [to shoot pick up shots], we realized someone amongst us had the footage. So we were watching the footage and I saw what you saw. I didn’t actually see it happening ’cause I was already gone. I wasn’t even aware there was any type of issue or static. So the two people that were with me actually saw the punch thrown. That was my involvement. This is a guy that [Big Fase] known all his life, so the politics that Big Fase was dealing with was obviously larger than my presence over there on Brazil Street.
How do you feel when people say you’re hired muscle for G-Unit?
I don’t have no problems with that ’cause I [always] been that nigga in the circle that you can count on to make it pop. [If] it feels like it’s about to go bad, I’ma take flight.
Olivia’s album saw extensive delays before she was recently dropped from the label. Do you fear facing a similar fate?
Well, I don’t really feel threatened. There was a lot more invested into her. I believe that had a lot do with what has been invested and their ability to perhaps recoup and see a profit. On a business level, I have not cost [50 Cent] that much money, so I think I’m pretty safe.

A few days ago the 50 Cent uploaded an #TBT video of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to Instagram. It looked like the trio took time out to answer fan questions.

A user named Ross asked, “Whats the deal with Spider Loc & Hot Rod?” After 50 read the question, he responds, “What the f*** is these questions? First people interested in Spider Loc and Hot Rod? Y’all motherf****rs ain’t even think of good questions to ask. Because I don’t see where everybody so interested in Spider Loc and Hot Rod and neither one of these n****as got a record out right now that’s exciting.” Loc’s caption on that video reads, “#TBT WHEN I REALIZED @50CENT WAS HATIN ON THELOC…LOL”

Loc also tagged a bunch of people in the comments, including Banks, Yayo, Olivia, Ice Cube, Eminem & Dr. Dre. However, it was 50 who responded, saying, “That wasn’t hate, it was frustration because you didn’t deliver. Here we are 10 years later still no hit record. After the game situation I was done giving hit records away. I wish you well don’t live in the past, work hard and make something happen. I signed @otgenasis it didn’t work out, then he came back with a BIG HIT. IM IN LOVE WITH THE COCO. Where ya sh*t at Cus.”

spiderlocbaymaac @50cent U A Lie U Told Me In 06, My Album was Done In Yo House In CT, Y U Lying Curtis??

spiderlocbaymaac @50cent U Said “Things Change”(+50Cent+Lloyd Banks) was gonna b third single off sound track(Get Rich Or Die Tryin’) lol!

Spider Loc also stated, that  50 Cent not supported his musical evolution, 50 was never behind of his mixtapes and did nothing to advance single “Bluetiful World”

Spider Loc releases a new project called “The Lost Tapes:West Kept Secret/World Wide Web”   including 5 tracks with 50 Cent:

01. Nobody
02. Creepin Me Out
03. Fake N****z (+ Jay Rock, Messy Marv)
04. The Plan (+ 50 Cent)
05. Never Rains
06. Color Blind (+Mack 10+50 Cent)
07. Til Daylight (+50 Cent)
08. One More Time
09. Jesus Loves Me
10. Do It All
11. Lovely Day (+50 Cent)
12. Bring Out Da Best (feat. E-Note)
13. Bury Me a G
14. Hustla In You (feat. E-Note)
15. California (+50 Cent)

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