How G-Unit founded in Basement and why founders The Beast (50 Cent) and Dr. Frankenstein (Sha Money XL) start self-Cannibalism!

Once Upon A Time In Southside Queens!

Sha Money XL remembers how he started working to give live to his beast 50 Cent: ” 50 Cent was shot and it caused his lost of trust at people. At this period I left ghetto and moved to new house at Long Island, where I created studio in my house basement. I offered him my space, my equipment, and He entered in my building at 2001, He stayed at my home 2 years, and spent every day working on studio super hard! Once I heard about Pro Tools, I afford it with 1200 dollars, First time when I see it in shop, original name of this equipment was Digi 01-I bought it with hard drive of Macintosh. And I still have this hard drive, where I keep  stored original songs from past days”

Rob “Reef ” Tewlow (A&R (Artists And Repertoire) Manager, Producer) : “Sha Money XL was first, who bought Pro Tools Digi 01 in my memories, This was first hardware in their music laboratory and also that was first milestone from where start death of big music studios, because now you can record music even in your basement and that’s exactly what they (50 Cent, Sah Money XL) did!”

Sha Money XL: ” “What Up Gangsta” was first song which I recorded on Digi 01!”


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