Uncle Murda Kick Out Young Buck from G-Unit!

Young Buck got caught up in some gay shit
‘Cause them G Unit niggas thought I wasn’t gon’ say shit (What!?)
Nah, f*ck that, he got caught with a tranny!”

Murda roasted Young Buck in his annual track, “2018 Rap-Up”!

Young Buck released three mixtapes: 10 Plugs, 10 Politics, 10 Felonies in 2018, but there are no G-Unit logo on these arts of mixtapes, only Young Buck’s label Cashville Records symbols are on the art pictures.

Even  50 Cent clowns  his G-Unit buddy after he was assumed to be in a video with a transgender woman.

Young Buck was accused of being in a video hooking up with a transgender woman and though you can’t even see his face in the video, people started running with the rumors. Regardless of whether or not he is the man in the video, Buck decided that enough was enough before publically denying his presence in the clip. We all know that his G-Unit co-star 50 Cent loves to troll people and his friends aren’t excluded from the equation. Fiddy took to Instagram to rag on his buddy for getting himself caught up in the allegations, using a video to do most of the talking for him.

Using the caption, “Young Buck explains gay allegations from Africa,” the Power producer shared a video of a man denying that he had sexual intercourse with a man, which is exactly what Young Buck had to do last week. The man vehemently denies that “they didn’t caught me” during the clip and while Buck doesn’t get that passionate, he was adamant that he doesn’t have a gay bone in his body.

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