I need friends and I need ideas

1793208998_1361351738I am happy, beacuse guests of g-unitcity.net write for me many positive and warm comments.

I am happy, beacuse when I read your comments I understad that, g-unitcity.net has most clever, creative and great guests, becouse you told me many good ideas.

I want to work with you guys and girls, I know we all are genius and we can bring out our genius, if we share our ideas, to each other.

I promise when g-unitcity start generate profit, I will share it to authors of best ideas.

Tell me guys and girls what you want to add to g-unitcity.net; Maybe you want to create different start-up. I will support any good ideas.

I was learning PHP, Python, WordPress, HTML 5 & Adobe Dreamweaver, whole year. I read Robert Kiyosaki's business books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Midas Touch(co-author is real estate mogul Donald J. Trump); Rich Dad's Who took my money; Rich Dad's prophecy; Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich; Rich Dad's escape from rat race, Rich Dad's Smart Kid, Rich Kid; Rich Dad's Cashflow quadrant; Rich Dad's Increase your financial IQ;

I also read real estate mogul Donald J. Trump's book: Think Like A Champion. I read Larry Ellison(founder of Oracle )'s biography book; Different between God and Larry Ellison.

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