G-Unit, T*O*S (Terminate On Sight)


11. G-Unit,T*O*S (Terminate On Sight)

Five years after Beg For Mercy, the stars had aligned once more for a G-Unit album. They weren't the untouchable force they were when they debuted, but this go-around was an attempt to punch back at the competition. What resulted was a hard G-Unit album. It may not have been in tune with the time, and hadn't necessarily progressed artistically from its predecessor, but it harkened back to what G-Unit fans liked and wanted: their signature no-bullshit toughness. The rappers, individually, had not wavered in terms of skill. Plus, this time we got to hear some Yayo verses.

50 was no longer the king, and his cohorts had all released solo albums. T.O.S.'s success lied in its resonance with fans who wanted more of the same. The album is full of good to great songs ("You So Tough" and "Piano Man" come to mind), but nothing had the staying power of, say, "Poppin' The Thangs." —Alex Russell

source: Complex

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