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50 Cent’s businesses are going to Bankruptcy

50-bunkraptcyIn may 25 of this year(2015) internet broke news about 50 Cent's SMS promotion boxing company was in large debt. In April 28 of this year(2015) Forbs established net worth of 5 richest rapper in hip-hop. 50 Cent took fourth position with $155 million. But it seems 50 has lack of financial intiligance, beacuse according of 'Wall Street Journal' now 50 Cent is bankrupt. In 2014 it was official report, that 50 lost $16 million, in SMS Audio company and his investment didn't  bring him money back. 50 Cent's fifth album Animal Ambition had very poor sales, according to wikipedia, A.A. sold 124 000 in end of 2014. Animal Ambition come out in june 3, 2014.

In 2009 50 Cent wrote great book: 50th Law.It is informal education about business and life. But it seems 50 don't use priciples, which he describe in his business book in real life. Good luck 50, I hope your business empire come back soon.

50 Cent got 40 years old

birthdayToday is 6th July, That's mean it's 50 Cent birthday. 50 Cent's zodiac sign is cancer. Cancers have high level of emotional inteligance and are business geniuses.
  Happy birth day 50 Cent, I wish your long time waited album 'Street King Immortal' come out soon. Wish you wins, much more money and be still hard working man. salute to G-Unit, SMS and Effen. Go hard as you can. shout out to your good old music.

Biography of G-Unit

50-gunitMain founder of G-Unit Curtis Jackson, his stage name is 50 Cent, born  6th july 1975, in american ghetto. He never knows his father. Ghettos are place of criminals, drug dealers and poor people. 50 Cent wanted get out from dangerous streets. He realized, that he need much money to sart new life. 50 started selling drugs, but he catched by police and they put him in jail. Jail time was his turning point, He started rapping, after jail, 50 signed Jay master jay's recording studio JMJ. But jmj didn't developed him enough well. 50 Cent moved in Columbia records, where he started preparing his debute album 'Power of the Dollar', but disk P*O*T*D didn't see light, because 50 got in hospital, rival shot him 9 bullets,