Biography of G-Unit

50-gunitMain founder of G-Unit Curtis Jackson, his stage name is 50 Cent, born  6th july 1975, in american ghetto. He never knows his father. Ghettos are place of criminals, drug dealers and poor people. 50 Cent wanted get out from dangerous streets. He realized, that he need much money to sart new life. 50 started selling drugs, but he catched by police and they put him in jail. Jail time was his turning point, He started rapping, after jail, 50 signed Jay master jay's recording studio JMJ. But jmj didn't developed him enough well. 50 Cent moved in Columbia records, where he started preparing his debute album 'Power of the Dollar', but disk P*O*T*D didn't see light, because 50 got in hospital, rival shot him 9 bullets,

but God gave 50 Cent second chance, he stayed alive. Columbia didn't like this hard situation around 50 and they dropped him their record-label. Nobody wanted working with him. 50 went in Canada republic with his loyal friends and business partners: Sha Money XL(co-founder of G-Unit, he was enginer of Power of The Dollar project) & Red Spyda(He created beats for Power of The Dollar project). 50 Cent realed street album also known as mixtape called: Guess Who's Back?

Legend told that Eminem found this tape and he thought, that 'He found new rap genious'. Eminem did deal with 50, He signed him his label Shady Records, Eminem's friend and business association Dr.Dre also liked 50's rapping skills and signed him his Aftermath Entertainment. Jimmy Iovin' CEO of Interscope records,which has distribution deal with Aftermath and Shady, gave greate oportunite to 50 Cent, he gave him chance to create alternative record-label of shady &aftermath, under Interscope umbrella. 50 Cent founded G-Unit Redords,Inc. and Sha Money XL created business system for G-Unit. 50 Cent signed his neighbourhood friends Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

In 2003 50 established his debute and most successful album 'Get Rich or Die trying' with G-Unit members: Lloyd Banks(voice vocal), Sha Money XL(engineer),  Tony Yayo(voice vocal) and Young Buck(also voice vocal). Guests also were: west coast legend Snoop Dogg, king Eminem & greate Nate Dogg. Eminem & Dr.Dre were executive producers of 'Get Rich or Die Trying'.

After huge commercial success, G-Unit meachine started going foreward. In 2004 50 cent formed group 'G-Unit' and they published 'Beg For Mercy' album, at that time Young Buck replaced Tony Yayo, because Yayo was arressted by police, for wearing gun. Beg For Mercy sold more than 1 million copies and it certified platinum.

Lloyd Banks & Young Buck's solo albums: The Hunger for More and Straight Outta Cashville had same result. Both projects got platinums. When Tony Yato comeback to home, he released his debute album 'Thoughts of Predicate Felon' with help from 50 Cent & Eminem. IIt sold more that 500, 000 copies and got Gold status.

In 2005 Jimmy Iovin offered  50 Cent to sign G-Unit roster west coast rapper The Game, 50 accepted and with Dr.Dre he started to prepared Game's album The Documentary. Album has tremendous success, It sold more than Young Buck's, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo's albums. The Documentary certifed double platinume. 

Losts and Wins


In 2005 50 Cent released huge diss in rap history 'Piggy Bank' against: Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Shyne, Kelis, Nas, Lil Kim, Mobb Deep and Cassidy. The Game didn't support 50 Cent, he wanted do record with Nas. The Game was departed from G-Unit by 50 Cent and also added dissing content towards The Game, his Piggy Bank song. 50 replaced The Game with west coast crips rapper Spider Loc. It's strange but Piggy Bank diss song created good relationship between 50 Cent and rap duo Mobb Deep. 50 Cent tattooed "Mobb Deep" on his wrist and Prodigy(Mobb Deep) tattooed "G-Unit" on the side of his right hand. Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit and As part of their contract with G-Unit, both Prodigy and Havoc were given new Porsches. this situation between 50 Cent & Mobb Deep shows that, their relationship is more, than only business. 

Hardcore rap group M.O.P. and multi-platinum rapper Ma$e also do sign deal with G-Unit.
In 2006 Mobb Deep released his G-Unit album Blood Money, Lloyd Bnaks published his second album Rotten Apple. Both albums had bad sales. Jimmy Iovin' didn't like this result and didn't support 'Yearly Physical' album of M.O.P, Spider Loc's project 'The West Kept Secret' and Tony Yayo's 'Godfather of the Ghetto'. After 3 years waiting M.O.P. decieded left G-Unit. P.Diddy founder of Bad Boy Records, didn't released Ma$e from Bad Boy contract. He wanted $2million dollar from 50 Cent to released Ma$e. 50 didn't do this investment, beacuse he didn't bealive, that Ma$e's G-Unit album Come Back would sell well enough to make up for that type of investment.

In late 2009, Mobb Deep were released from their contract with G-Unit label, because Jimmy Iovin' didn't bealive in commercial potential their second G-Unit album: 'Two Years rich…'. Blood Money got their first and last album in G-Unit/Interscope Records.

After 50 Cent's albums 'Curtis', 'Before I Self-Destruct' and T*O*S(with G-Unit) didn't made much money and flopped. Jimmy Iovin' didn't support 50 Cent's fifth solo album: 'Street King Immortal' and dropped G-Unit from Interscope. This was hard time for 50 Cent, becouse, Young Buck also show his disloyality and dissed 50 Cent and G-Unit.

In 2009 best-seller author Robert Green said, G-Unit artists are not motivated, thay waiting for 50 cent. 50 agreed Robert's opinion and stop helping to Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo. He let out Spider Loc.

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