The Road to ‘Street King’

50timbo50 Cent is working hard to create long time waited album 'Street King Immortal'. He choose to use his own material. 50 Cent recruited Timbaland from SMS, hit-maker Timbaland will create two beats fror 'SKI' album and will be feature in one song with Justin Timberlake. As we remember this trio did great song 'Ayo technology' in 2007.

 50 also recruited G-Unit in house-producer 'Remo the Hitmaker'. He will create 3 beats for 'SKI'. One beat alredy released, you can listen it in song: 50 Cent-Get low(ft.jeremih, 2Chainz & T.I.)prod. by Remo the Hitmaker. But maybe this song not add to 'Street King Immortal' track-list. You can listen Remo the Hitmaker's beat in Riz Sefmade's song 'Effen Vodka'.

 Swizz Beatz also working on 'SKI' project. He did great beat for T.O.S. album several years ago. He also was guest in 'Get Down' song.

I think Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Remo the Hitmaker are great stuff for 50 Cent.

Street King Immortal Track-list:

***(+Timbaland+Justin Timberlake) Timbaland

***(prod. by Timbaland)

***(prod. by Remo the Hitmaker)

***(prod. by Remo the Hitmaker)

Get low(+jeremih+2Chainz+T.I.)prod. by Remo the Hitmaker

***(+Swizz Beatz) Swizz beatz

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