Rotimi Talks 50 Cent Beef: “He Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed That Day”(Why G-Unit Deal Didn’t Work?!)

The singer also said that he had already worked out making payments, so 50’s anger was a surprise to him.
If at any tiny moment you believed that the beef 50 Cent had with his Power star Rotimi was for publicity, the actor is here to tell you that it was all definitely real. Rotimi recently sat down with BET for their series Black Coffee and talked about his character on Power, his new EP Walk With Me, and his internet drama with Fiddy. He said that what the world witnessed wasn’t some marketing ploy to attract attention now that Power is coming to an end and he explained the story behind the debt.

“So basically, I was signed to 50 as an artist,” Rotimi said. “If you’re in the music business or have knowledge of how it works, if someone believes in you, they give you a budget to work your project. So what happened was, [Fif] didn’t agree on the single. He felt like another song off my project, Walk with Me, was going to be the single.” Instead of going along with Fifty, he chose something else. “I said, ‘Let me bet on myself, I think ‘Love Riddim’ is the one.”

Rotimi claims he was already in the process of severing his contract with Fif and the two already spoke about Rotimi making payments to get the music executive the money he invested. “We worked it out where the mechanicals would be paid,” he said. “So basically, the royalties that you make off of your project, that’s how he gets paid back. It’s not necessarily the sales off of it. But the man is a marketing genius, and he’s dope at what he does.”

“I honestly think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day, because we had already discussed [how payments would get back to him],” Rotimi added. “But he seen that I bought a house. The record is number one. So he was like, ‘Oh, he could pay it back right [now]! I’m not waiting for mechanicals. Pay it back right now!’ We talked days before and [50 told me] like, ‘Man, I’m proud of you.’ But again, he’s a different breed of beast. And you know Fifty, you know how it is.”

“It was a real situation, to a certain extent,” Rotimi stated. “He’s a marketing genius. But it’s also not that I owed him bread. He also knew what [he was doing]. That’s my brother. We’re good. He’s just different. He’s a different breed. So he does things that can help you, but if you’re not smart enough, can hurt you.” Rotimi assured everyone that he and 50 Cent are good. Watch the clip below.

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