Who’s DJ?

50gun50Cent's twitter:'Man this lunch money I gotta go to work I'm still up, no Sleep at all. NEW MUSIC this week,Off The KANAN tape. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO.' 50 Cent's twitter posts has many viewers, he always share his experience and important knowledge in business and life. One his quote from twitter was used in Amazon.com project: betas TV series, in episod 1. I hope new mixtape will start new era in hip-hop. 50 Cent created great mixtapes.

"I don't display emotions. I have every feeling that everyone else has, but I've developed ways to suppress them. Anger is one of my most comfortable feelings."

"I like generals. I like Napoleon. I like strategy. The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it's exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally."

"People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that's what it takes to accomplish your goals."

"Just be confident. I think confidence is the most attractive part of a person."

"I think I'll be going to Heaven, because I had good intentions. But my actions are another thing."

"People who actually have money don't want to talk about it. They want to talk about everything else."

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