Ranking G-Unit’s Albums From Worst To Best: Curtis Edition

50curtis10. 50 Cent-Curtis

Not nearly as disappointing as the notorious sales contrast with Kanye would suggest, alas, Curtis was the watershed moment when 50 Cent's hype and persona overtook him. "Ayo Technology" may have gotten decent traction as a Timberlake/Timbaland collabo, all the rage in the mid '00s, but this approach nearly muted the grit and bombast that had previously given 50 a pass for otherwise thriving by club beats

occasional pop pandering; no, you can't sweat "I Get Money," or even the R&B-assisted "Fire" and "All of Me." "Amusement Park" is new Candy Shop 2; When you listen "Peep Show(ft. Eminem)prod. by Eminem" you feel like  it's created for Eminem's album, Curtis 187(prod. by Havoc of Mobb Deep) is Mobb Deep style song, In track 'all of me' hook singing by Mary J. Blidge. At last when you listen the 'Curtis' you asked questis: '50! where are you?'  


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