Ranking G-Unit’s Albums From Worst To Best: ‘Buck The World’ Edition

bucktheworldalbum6. Young Buck-Buck The World

Even before the infamous taped conversation, Young Buck developed a reputation as the most emotional member of G-Unit. But emotion isn’t a bad thing for an artist—just ask Drake. On his sophomore album, Buck The World, the Nashville native tapped into the full spectrum of feelings without ever once wavering from the G-Unit model of gangsta rap. This was the case with

Production on Buck The World was helmed by an all-star cast that included Dr. Dre, Jazze Pha, Polow Da Don, Lil Jon, and Eminem. Always a soldier for the Unit, Buck included two diss songs towards Cam’Ron: “Hold On” and the hidden outro “Funeral Music,” which was a 50 Cent solo song. But what defines this album, and Buck’s career as a whole, is it’s unwavering intensity. This is encapsulated in “Lose My Mind,” a song that will send chills down your spine, not only because of what he is saying, but also his unconventional screamo delivery.

Buck The World was sandwiched in-between some of G-Unit’s worst material, such as Blood Money, The Rotten Apple, and Curtis, but it stands as one of the lone bright spots in the post-Massacre era. —Dharmic X

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