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50 Cent lost momentum?

50momentumThe G-Unit leader says Street King Immortal is his 'Detox album' and it 'may taken ten years'. 50 says he 'recorded 20 songs to a whole different album concept'. Planning to record and write until it feels perfect.

The Best Money Advice Kidd Kidd Ever Received

1400471650_1fc91c79a2Rapper Kidd Kidd sayes:'50 Cent is not a fan of just giving people free music'.

During an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, G-Unit Records member Kidd Kidd was asked to share the biggest piece of advice he received from 50 Cent. Kidd Kidd said:'50's advice is to get the money and be about your business, just know that everybody's not your friend. Rap is a hustle. We must hustling to feed our families. Just doing free stuff is not gonna put food on the table. That's one thing 50 Cent is not too much of a big fun

Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan

facebookPowerSMSOnly facts:

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004.
In 2004 Harvard students Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that creator Mark Zuckerberg had broken an oral contract with them. The suit alleged that Zuckerberg had copied their idea and illegally usedsource code intended for the website he was hired to create.

50 Cent’s high-stakes battle for soul of G-Unit

50battleThe process taught me:



3.To serve a mission greater than my own self-interests. take orders, follow orders, and give orders.

5.To control my fears and my anger.

6.To study and respect my enemy.

7.To trust my fellow soldiers and be willing to give my life for them as they were willing to give their lives for me.

Lil Wayne, Nas, Scarface, E-40, Busta Rhymes can’t replace 50 Cent! (update)

documentary2The Game’s debut album ‘The Documentary’ is blockbuster album. 50 Cent created gold songs for Game’s album: ‘Westside Story’, ‘How We Do’ and ‘Hate It or Love It’. This songs changed hip-hop, started new era. The Game was number one rapper in G-Unit after 50 Cent. But The Game is traitor genius. He didn’t support 50 Cent in his battle against New-York rappers: Nas and Fat Joe. 50 dropped The Game from G-Unit Records. G-Unit was new version of ‘The Beatless’, but The Game broke this mega-[/su_animate]group. The Game released many album after G-Unit, but they have not such success, such had 'The Documentary'.

Government can’t create jobs!

50print1.I decided the best way to beat the 'A' students, the rich kids, the teachers who labeled me average, and the girls who were not interested in me was to become rich

2.I stood and fell a number of times before walking as an entrepreneur. Baby stands and  falls a number of times, before learning to walk.

3.Although I disliked school, I enjoyed learning. Also, I wanted to know why I always felt stupid in class.

4. People think there is only one brain and only one intelligence. When you ask a highly educated person for the definition of intelligence, he replies:'If you agree with me you are intelligent. If you don't, you're an idiot.'

Government print money, 50 Cent print his own money, why we don’t do it?

printmoney1.Capitalists want to know how to make 2+2=$4.000.000

2.Most 'A' students are content to know that 2+2=4, but most 'A' students do not know how to turn 2+2 into four dollars or millions more.

3.Past success does not guarantee future success.

4.A business is not democracy. I pay your salaries. Either you do what Iask, or look for a new job.