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How Big is Million?


New documents about 50 Cent's bankruptcy show thatthe rappers spent  $108.000 every month, including huge chunks on clothing, grooming, and gardening. Large portion of 50 Cent's monthly expenses went to paying the mortgage that ridiculous 21-bedroom home in Connecticut.

50 spent $3.000 a month on his wardrobe, $1.000 on personal grooming, and $5.000 alone on gardening, according to the documents. 

I want to indroduce guys 50 Cent's monthly spending documents: 



Lloyd banks gave us many cool material absolutely free. It was free mixtape series: Cold Corner and Cold Corner 2. Cold Corner certified silver by datpiff with 50K downloads. 

Cold Corner 2 certified Gold by datpiff with 100K downloads.

Next Banks announced Cold Corner 3, this last one get long-time waited mixtape, but now release date of CC3 is under clue. Maybe it get lost mixtape, because…

Start up: Daily Hip-Hop News

dhhnDaily Hip-Hop News is facebook page created by 50 Cent's huge fans. Founders of D*H*H*N developed great web-sites: respect.ge, offline.ge, etc. several years ago. This web-sites are all about for support G-Unit and 50 Cent's great music. Now they are working hard for develope whole hip-hop industry in The Republic of Georgia. They translate hip-hop world news in georgian language. D*H*H*N  stuff is amazing, they are very clever, talented guys. They are Undergroud geniuses at this moment, but I hope they will bring out their geniuse and will do much more amazing work. I wish D*H*H*N admins to do their best.

See Daily Hip Hop News facebook page


G-Unit Records, Inc. gets unprofitable business for 50 Cent


New docs of 50 Cent's bankruptcy paper work show, that G-Unit Records, Inc. has cost him over $10 million in the last three years. This files seems true, because G-Unit last editions: Lloyd Banks-H.F.M.2; 50 Cent-Animal Ambition; G-Unit-'The Beauty of Indefendence' and G-Unit-'The Beast is G-Unit' have not good sales numbers and of course no income. This albums flopped.

The new docs also show that 50 pays $5.000 per month for gardening;

$1.500 for pool maintenance;

$9,000 per month for security;

He also pays Blasian model Daphne Joy a large amount in child support per month.